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Welcome to our large selection of iPhone 13 covers, cases, screen protectors, and other Apple accessories. Not only do we have a great selection, we also have great prices and fast delivery. You can also check out our selection of covers and cases for iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Mini.



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Offroad case - iPhone 13 - White Cena promocyjna72,82 zł PLN
MOFi Slim Shield iPhone 13 case - Blue Cena promocyjna106,79 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Light Purple Cena promocyjna101,12 zł PLN
Bofink Combat iPhone 13 case - Red / Black Cena promocyjna118,11 zł PLN
Surburbian iPhone 13 flip case - Grey Cena promocyjna123,77 zł PLN
LC01-96-5015-1LC01-96-5015-1-A.jpg (1)
LC.IMEEKE iPhone 13 Flip Case - Black Cena promocyjna152,07 zł PLN
Rugged Shield case - iPhone 13 - Green Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Colorful Butterfly Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Leopard and Flower Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Green Marble Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Blue Gold Marble Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Red Marble Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - White Marble Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Pineapple Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Rose Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Grey Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Red Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Gold Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Rose Gold Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Silver Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Navy Blue Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
Armour Guard case - iPhone 13 - Black Cena promocyjna61,50 zł PLN
ENKAY clear drop-proof case for iPhone 13 Cena promocyjna112,45 zł PLN
Carbon Flex case - iPhone 13 - Blue Cena promocyjna67,16 zł PLN
Carbon Flex case - iPhone 13 - Red Cena promocyjna67,16 zł PLN
Carbon Flex case - iPhone 13 - Black Cena promocyjna67,16 zł PLN
Glitter iPhone 13 case - Rose Gold Cena promocyjna95,46 zł PLN
Glitter iPhone 13 case - Red Cena promocyjna95,46 zł PLN
Glitter iPhone 13 case - Gold Cena promocyjna95,46 zł PLN
Glitter iPhone 13 case - Blue Cena promocyjna95,46 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Dark Purple Cena promocyjna101,12 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Pink / White Cena promocyjna101,12 zł PLN
Marble iPhone 13 case - Green Cena promocyjna101,12 zł PLN
CaseMe iPhone 13 Smooth case - Pink Cena promocyjna135,09 zł PLN
CaseMe iPhone 13 Smooth case - Red Cena promocyjna135,09 zł PLN

iPhone 13 Cases and Screen Protectors

The iPhone 13 is characterised by advanced technology, sleek design and outstanding features like the A15 Bionic chip, Pro camera system and Super Retina XDR OLED display. Just as you appreciate the high functionality of this device, it's equally important to preserve its aesthetics and integrity with an iPhone 13 accessory. iPhone 13 accessories aren't just about style; they provide essential protection against accidental drops, scratches and daily wear and tear, ensuring your investment stays safe and lasts longer.

Lux-Case offers a comprehensive range of iPhone 13 cases and accessories, including cases, covers and screen protectors. Each accessory is designed to complement the elegance of your device while providing optimal protection. Our cases and covers are available in a variety of materials, colours and designs, so you can personalise your iPhone 13 to reflect your style and personality.

From rugged, shock-absorbing cases for those with an active lifestyle to sleek, stylish cases for a minimalist aesthetic, we have something for everyone.

Plus, our screen protectors, available in tempered glass and plastic film, protect your screen from scratches and bumps, so your device's screen stays pristine and clear. Explore our collection today and find the perfect accessory for your iPhone 13.

Wide range of iPhone 13 Cases

We've put together our range of iPhone 13 phone cases to try to cater to every style and preference. You are, after all, your own person and it makes sense that you want an iPhone 13 case that reflects that.

So below you'll find a rundown of our most popular iPhone 13 case options and what their benefits are. We can help you make an informed decision so your case feels right on your phone and in your hand.

iPhone 13 Silicone Case 

A cover for your iPhone 13 made from flexible and reliable silicone is a great way to keep your phone secure and personalised without taking up too much space. A silicone cover for iPhone 13 makes your phone easier to grip, more resistant to shocks and accidents and fits in your pocket like it used to.

All our silicone covers come in a wide range of colours and trendy designs, so you can find something that's both protective and stylish. Some options also come with extra features, such as a kickstand for hands-free viewing or a silicone iPhone 13 cover with card holder.

iPhone 13 MagSafe Cases

A MagSafe case for your iPhone 13 is popular because of its versatility and practicality. After all, what could be more appealing than wirelessly charging your phone magnetically without having to remove the case first?

These slim, often transparent covers give the user (and the user's phone) a combination of keeping their phone secure and making full use of the technology Apple provides.

iPhone 13 Wallet Case

Leather cases for iPhone 13 deliver on all fronts and are the best option for those who are willing to trade a little extra size for more functionality, storage and features.

Leather covers for iPhone 13, also known as cases or wallet cases, protect all sides of the phone and also have pockets for your daily essentials like bank cards and cash, so you can leave the house with your phone case in hand and have everything you need.

iPhone 13 Screen Protectors

Another popular iPhone 13 accessory is a screen protector. The screen of your phone is made of durable, industry-leading material, but scratches and scuffs can easily occur and once they're there, they don't go away.

That's why we highly recommend protecting your iPhone 13 screen with a screen protector, which comes in two great options:

  • iPhone 13 tempered glass screen protector: A tempered glass screen protector is tough and durable. It easily attaches to your phone and stays in place as an extra layer of protection against everything from scratches, heavy impacts and moisture.
  • iPhone 13 protective glass plastic film: A screen protector made from plastic film is less heavy-duty but still effective. They're as easy to put on as they are to take off and focus primarily on protecting against smudges, scratches and moisture.

Regardless of which of the two options you prefer, they both come in a wide range of options with different cuts and edges.