Apple Pencil 2

Welcome to our selection of accessories for the Apple Pencil 2. In our large collection of both protective and stylish products, you will find Apple Pencil 2 cases and tips in different materials and colors. You can also check out our selection of products for the original Apple Pencil.



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Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - Green Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - Black Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - Pink Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - Grey Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - Purple Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - White Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 silicone cover - Yellow Cena promocyjna56,48 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Pink Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Orange Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Purple Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Sky Blue Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Black Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Grey Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Matcha Green Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Yellow Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Cyan Cena promocyjna113,74 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - White Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Mint Green Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Pink Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Yellow Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Purple Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Red Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Blue Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 silicone cover - Black Cena promocyjna50,75 zł PLN
2Pcs Apple Pencil 2 / 1 stylus pen nib Cena promocyjna136,65 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 stylus metal pen nib Cena promocyjna79,38 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 stylus pen nib Cena promocyjna79,38 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 / 1 stylus pen nib Cena promocyjna79,38 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 cool sticker - Cute Pumpkin Cena promocyjna27,85 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 cool sticker - Cutesy Icons Cena promocyjna27,85 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 cool sticker - Dive Into You Cena promocyjna27,85 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 cool sticker - Triple Eggs Cena promocyjna27,85 zł PLN
Apple Pencil 2 cool sticker - Lollipop Ring Cena promocyjna27,85 zł PLN

Apple Pencil 2 Cases & Tips

The second-generation Apple Pencil, often referred to as the Apple Pencil 2, was introduced alongside the new iPad Pro models in 2018. This iteration brought with it a refined design and new features that addressed some of the first generation's limitations, making it an even more indispensable tool for iPad users. A notable change was its wireless charging capability, allowing the pencil to magnetically attach to the side of the iPad Pro for a more convenient charging solution, eliminating the need for the lightning port connector found on its predecessor.

The Apple Pencil 2's design was also reimagined; it now sports a flat edge, ensuring it doesn't roll off surfaces as easily and provides a more comfortable grip. Additionally, it introduced gesture controls, enabling users to switch between tools with a simple double tap on the pencil's side, enhancing usability and productivity.

Its precision and responsiveness make it perfect for a wide range of activities, from note-taking and document annotation to professional graphic design and illustration work. The combination of improved functionality, ease of use, and enhanced user experience helps solidify the 2nd generation Apple Pencil as a favorite accessory among iPad users, further bridging the gap between digital and traditional creative processes.

If you're looking to keep your Pencil 2 safe and more comfortable in your hand - you've come to the right place! We have a large selection of Apple Pencil cases and other accessories ready to be shipped. We always offer fast delivery, good prices, and excellent customer service.

Silicone Cases

A silicone case for the Apple Pencil 2 serves as an ideal addition for several reasons. Firstly, it acts as a safeguard. The Apple Pencil 2, while an impressive gadget and a potent instrument, is quite petite, prone to accidental drops and misplacement, and has a tendency to slip off even surfaces despite Apples clever design to prevent this.

Hence, a silicone case provides a protective barrier against external elements. Secondly, it enhances grip. The silicone material delivers a comfortable grasp and cushioning, making the pencil more manageable and comfortable to use over extended periods. Lastly, it's about personalization. Our silicone cases are available in a variety of vibrant colors, allowing you to customize the appearance of your pen, making it more unique and fashionable.

Leather Cases

Storing your Apple Pencil 2 in a leather case is not only a stylish choice but also an effective one for safeguarding your device when not in use. Whether tucked away in your purse, pocket, or backpack, a leather case ensures your pencil remains secure and shielded from various forms of damage including bumps, falls, or the regular deterioration from daily use. The choice of leather as a material adds a touch of elegance and luxury, enhancing the overall appeal of the case.

Apple Pencil 2 Tips

Anyone who has used one of Apple's pencils, or any stylus, before knows that eventually, much like with a real pencil, the tip will wear out. While a protective cover will protect and change the feel of the device, a new tip will change the way you use it - and what you create with it.

Our collection of premium quality tips comes in a wide variety of colours and styles (such as width and functionality) so that you can get something that is useful and fits your project perfectly, while also matching your style or the case.

What iPads are compatible with Apple Pencil 2?

The second-generation Apple Pencil, which offers additional features like magnetic attachment and wireless charging, is designed to work with more recent iPad models. These are the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd, 4th, and 5th generations), the iPad Pro 11-inch (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations), and the iPad Air (4th generation). The newer Apple Pencil enhances user experience with its improved design and functionality, such as the ability to change tools with a simple double-tap.